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In Your Prayers, Please Remember:


In Our Community...


  • For St. Marks Church, our vestry, and other church leaders.

  • For St James Episcopal Church in Piqua.

  • For Our Presiding Bishop Michael, Our Bishops Mark, Arthur, and William, and Our Priests Mary and Robert

  • For Presiding Bishop Curry as he is recovering from surgery.

  • For President Trump, Governor Kasich, Mayor Barhorst, and Our United States Legislature, and the United States of America.

  • Health and Healing for Jan, Virginia, Jeff, Judy, Barbara & Tony, Ron, Harry & Jesse, Fran, Richard, Janet, Tom, David, Curt, Theresa, Kate, Randy, Diana, Jenn, Moira, John, Belinda, Kim, Edie & Al, David, John, Chrys, Jimmy, Rhonda & Keith, Barb, Glenn & Carol, Chad, Phil, Jesse, Kenny, Bonnie, Jeff, Ronnie, Sara & Curtis, Cindy & Scott, Thomas & Kassandra, Liam, John, Cathy & Ralph, Cody & Rebecca, Charles, Nicole, Devon, Jenn, Chavell, Anyah, Jason & Candance, David, Ralph, Patsy, Joe, Jeff, Carl, Millie, Anna Kathleen, Ruth Ann & Clare, Sue, Julie, Mary, Sue & Jeff. Tanya & DJ, Marvin, Franny, Doyle, Jim, Ma Kettle, Roy, Rev Mary, Carl, and Reggie

  • For the Family and Friends of Brenda (Ed's Cousin). May Brenda Rest in Peace.

    For Reconciliation between Frannie and her daughter.

  • For all who have been hurt by the church.

  • For all members we have not seen in a while.

  • For Jesse, Andy, Michelle, Mason, and all who are in our military.

  • For those seeking employment or new employment especially for Dave and Michael.

  • Business success for Martha.

In Our Diocese...

In the Diocese of Ohio, pray for the Central East Mission Area (September 23)

St. Timothy's Church, Massillon, The Rev. George R. Baum, Rector
Trinity Church, New Philadelphia
Church of Our Saviour, Salem, The Rev. J. Kip H. Colegrove, Rector
New Life Episcopal Church, Uniontown

In the Anglican Communion...

Sunday, September 23: PRAY for The Anglican Church of Tanzania

Mpwapwa - (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Jacob Erasto Chimeledya

Psalm: 119:145-160 Mt 7:1-12

Monday, September 24: Ibba - (Minye, South Sudan)

Psalm: 104:1-23 Mt 7:13-29

Tuesday, September 25: Idah - ( Abuja, Nigeria)

Psalm: 104:24-35 Mt 8:1-4

Wednesday, September 26: Idaho - (VIII, The Episcopal Church); Indianapolis - (V, The Episcopal Church)

Psalm: 105:1-15 2 Sam 18:1-8

Thursday, September 27: Ideato - (Owerri, Nigeria)

Psalm: 106:1-8, 43-482 Sam 18:9-18

Friday, September 28: Idoani - (Ondo, Nigeria)

Psalm: 107:1-16 2 Sam 18:19-33

Saturday, September 29 (Michael and All Angels): Ife - (Ibadan, Nigeria)

Psalm: 107:17-32 2 Sam 19:1-8

Pray for a Bountiful Harvest and for all who bring in the Harvest

For the HarvestMost gracious God, by whose knowledge the depths are
broken up and the clouds drop down the dew: We yield thee
hearty thanks and praise for the return of seed time and harvest,
for the increase of the ground and the gathering in of its fruits,
and for all other blessings of thy merciful providence
bestowed upon this nation and people. And, we beseech thee,
give us a just sense of these great mercies, such as may appear
in our lives by a humble, holy, and obedient walking before
thee all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom,
with thee and the Holy Ghost be all glory and honor, world
without end. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer, p 840

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