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In Your Prayers, Please Remember:


In Our Community...


  • For St. Marks Church, our vestry, and other church leaders.

  • For St James Episcopal Church in Piqua.

  • For all entering the church on Easter especially Paisley who will be Baptized at St James.

  • For Our Presiding Bishop Michael, Our Bishops Mark, Arthur, and William, Our Corridor Deacon Stephanie, and Our Priests Mary and Robert

  • For President Trump, Governor Kasich, Mayor Barhorst, and  Our United States Legislature, and the United States of America.

  • Health and Healing for Jeff, Judy, Tom, David, Carl, Curt, Theresa, Ginny, Kate, Randy, Diana, Jenn, Moira, John, Belinda, Kim, Edie & Al, David, John, Lois, Fr. Harvey, Chrys, Jimmy, Rhonda & Keith, Barb, Glenn & Carol, Chad, Phil, Jesse, Kenny, Bonnie, Jeff, Ronnie, Sara & Curtis, Cindy & Scott, Cody, Thomas & Kassandra, Liam, John, Cathy & Ralph, Cody & Rebecca, Charles, Nicole, Devon, Jenn, Chavell, Anyah, Jason & Candance, David, Ralph, Patsy, Joe, Jeff, Carl, Millie, Anna Kathleen, Ruth Ann & Clare, Sue, Julie, Mary, Sue & Jeff. Tanya & DJ, Marvin, Franny, Doyle, Jim, Ma Kettle, Roy, Rev Mary, Carl, and Carolyn & Reggie

  • For Jesse, Andy, Michelle, Mason, and all who are in our military.

  • For those seeking employment or new employment especially for Dave.

  • Business success for Martha.


In Our Diocese..

In the Diocese of Ohio, pray for churches in the Cuyahoga Mission Area (March 18):St. Paul's Church, Cleveland Heights (The Rev. Jeanne A. Leinbach, Rector, The Rev. Dale T. Grandfield, Curate, and The Rev. Kirby P. Colwell, II, Deacon)

Church of the Ascension, Lakewood (The Rev. Vincent Black, Part-Time Priest-in-Charge)

St. Peter's Church, Lakewood (The Rev. G. Keith Owen, Rector, and The Rev. Kelly A. Aughenbaugh, Curate)

In the Anglican Communion...

Sunday, March 18 (Lent 5): PRAY for Hong Kong Sheng Kung HuiThe Most Revd Paul KwongArchbishop of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui & Bishop of Hong Kong Island

Psalm: 26 Ro. 14:13-23

Monday, March 19: Brechin - (Scotland)

Psalm: 90:13-17 Job 31:1-8

Tuesday, March 20: Brisbane - (Queensland, Australia), Brisbane - Southern Region - (Victoria, Australia)

and Brisbane - Western Region - (Queensland, Australia)

Psalm: 89:46-51 Job 31:9-15

Wednesday, March 21: Bristol; Bristol - Swindon - (Canterbury, England)

Psalm: 70 Job 31:16-23

Thursday, March 22: British Columbia - (British Columbia & the Yukon, Canada)

Psalm: 80:3-7 Job 31:24-34


Friday, March 23: Buhiga - (Burundi)

Psalm: 119:169-176 Job 31:35-40

Saturday, March 24: Bujumbura - (Burundi)

Psalm: 116 Ro. 15:1-13

For those about to be Baptized or to renew their Baptismal CovenantO God, you prepared your disciples for the coming of the
Spirit through the teaching of your Son Jesus Christ: Make
the hearts and minds of your servants ready to receive the
blessing of the Holy Spirit, that they may be filled with the
strength of his presence; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Book of Common Prayer, page 819

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